Shopping Tips

Before visiting a store

Do your pre-store research. Take note of your current mattress, and any other comfortable mattresses you’ve slept on recently. Measure your current set (floor to top of mattress, width, and length), and know your room dimensions. Finally, familiarize yourself with the different types of mattresses: innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid.

Questions to ask

What’s inside the mattress?

Sealy® has two mattress constructions: innerspring and hybrid. The right one for you is simply a matter of feel and comfort preference. Innerspring gives you a traditional “sleep-on-top” feeling, while Hybrid combining innersprings and memory foam in it’s construction gives you a slow, “sink-in” feeling.

What are the features and benefits of this mattress?

The Sealy® lineup has many mattresses with different features and benefits at all price points. Some of our features include Posturepedic® Technology which delivers targeted support, Chill™ Cooling Technology that provides a more comfortable sleep, and much more. Be sure to look for our features and benefits icons on the mattress tag to learn more about what each mattress offers.

What’s the warranty?

Most Sealy® mattresses come with a 10 year limited warranty, but it’s alsways a good question to ask.

How does it compare to other mattresses?

Be sure to ask about the features and benefits in the different models, but also pay close attention to how they feel. Ideally, you should spend about 15 minutes testing out each mattress.

When you’re in the store

Plan to spend a decent amount of time in the store, and dress comfortably so you can test out different models. Visit the store with your sleep partner, and consider bringing your favorite pillow to replicate your sleep position. Spend 15 minutes on each mattress, and be sure to ask questions to figure out which one is right for you.