Warranty information

Congratulations for your choice!

You now have a Sealy® mattress that will change the quality and experience of your sleep. With the Sealy® mattress you will enjoy enhanced support thanks to Posturepedic® technology and a true sense of rest!

Made by elite strom® to the strictest American specifications and standards set by Sealy®, with high quality materials that stand the test of time and through the most modern production practices, the only certainty is that you will have a deep and relaxing sleep for many years to come.

In this brochure you will discover instructions for the use and maintenance of your new mattress that will help you not only to secure the warranty that comes with it, but also to prolong its life and the benefits of the mattress you have just purchased.

Having a significant course in time and having built a long-term relationship of trust with major international brands, elite strom® is the authorized manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the American company Sealy® in Greece.

This warranty applies to all Sealy® mattresses manufactured in elite strom®‘s facilities and is provided only if the specific terms and conditions as well as the instructions for use and maintenance stated in this brochure are complied with.

Mattress care and maintaince instructions

Proper maintenance of the mattress is as important as its selection. By following the instructions of elite strom® (authorized manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Sealy® products in Greece), you will be able to enjoy a healthy and restful sleep for a long time.

Please note that the information on the terms of the warranty is provided for your information only and does not constitute proof of purchase.


A proper bed base ensures good mattress performance and optimizes the warranty options. In case you haven’t already bought an anatomic frame or bed from elite strom®, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The mattress shouldn’t lie on a solid surface made from wood or by-products of wood (chipboard, particleboard, MDF, etc. nor on a built-in base). Bases like that do not allow proper ventilation and increase the risk of mold growth.
  • The mattress should NOT lie on an anatomic bed frame whose slats are recessed in the middle metal crossbar.
  • Make sure that the slats are not too flexible and the spacing between them is not too wide. The optimal spacing is up to 4cm. A wider spacing does not support the mattress properly, resulting in irreparable damage.

The mattress warranty is not valid when the mattress is placed on improper bases that may cause any damage to it.


You cannot use chemical or biological cleaning products, steam cleaners and detergents to clean the mattress. All the above may cause damage to the raw materials of the mattress and result in the development of humidity. In case of an accident, remove the moisture with a paper towel without rubbing and place the mattress near a heating body or dehumidifier (avoid fireplaces, incandescent devices or fire heaters, there is risk of fire).

The mattress warranty is not valid, if the mattress is stained, humid and moldy, therefore, it is necessary to use the appropriate mattress protector.

The only acceptable way to clean your mattress is to apply baking soda on the stain or the surface of the mattress, wait for 3 hours and then vacuum it up.


  • Do not iron on the mattress. The heat and the steam cause damage to its materials.

  • Do not use electric blanket on memory foam and latex mattresses.

  • Do not jump nor stand on the mattress. This may cause permanent distortion to the springs structure.

  • Do not use steam cleaning methods.

  • Do not use chemical dry cleaning products.

  • Do not bend nor fold the mattress lengthwise or crosswise; there is a serious chance of causing irreparable damage. If you wish to move your mattress, make sure it stays in a vertical position.

  • Do not use the handles to lift the mattress. The handles should only be used to slightly move and rotate the mattress once it is already placed on the base.

  • Do not remove nor tear off the label of the mattress. It is part of the warranty.

  • Do not turn the mattress over if the mattress is one-sided. Single-sided mattresses have different layers on the top side to ensure your comfort. However, you need to occasionally rotate the top and bottom of the mattress to minimize the possibility of dents in its layers from the shape of the body.

  • Try to keep the mattress free of water or other liquids.

  • Do not soak the mattress or foundation using any type of dry cleaning fluid as these can damage both the comfort of the bed and the upholstery materials.

  • When you receive your mattress, give it time to air after removing it from the plastic packaging and the new mattress smell will quickly fade.

  • Carry your mattress flat on its side, this makes it easier to handle and prevents damage.

  • Place your mattress on a suitable solid base.

  • Use a proper bed frame with central support to ensure your warranty remains in effect.

  • Air your mattress uncovered regurarly for a few hours.

  • Keep your mattress sanitary by using a mattress protector.

  • Vacuum your mattress to keep it in good condition.


If you have a two-sided mattress, you should flip it and rotate it every 3 months. This process ensures that most of the sleeping surface is adjusted to your body and your sleeping positions. Each time you flip your mattress, perform a 180° turn, alternating between side-to-side flipping and end-over-end flipping.

If your mattress is one-sided, for proper maintenance it is advisable to rotate it.

All new materials have a specific odor that gradually fades away. Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate and vacuum your mattress in order to remove any potential odor.

If you do not follow these instructions for use and maintenance, the provided warranty ceases to be valid.

Mattresses warranty period coverage term

All Sealy® mattresses (Spring Line & Hybrid Line)* except the Charm mattress are covered by a 10-year limited warranty in accordance with the special conditions described in this brochure. In any case, elite strom® (authorized manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Sealy® products in Greece) at its discretion, undertakes the repair or replacement by providing another product of the same type, quality and dimensions. If the products are repaired or replaced by elite strom® in accordance with the terms of the warranty, the warranty is not extended. Before you purchase your mattress, try our selection of Sealy® mattresses and choose the perfect one for you. If the mattress does not meet your comfort (feel preference), no exchange or refund is available.


The Sealy Charm mattress comes with a 5-year limited warranty. It is at the sole discretion of elite strom® whether to repair or replace the product and always in accordance with the specific conditions.

* Spring Line: Balance, Grace, Emotion, Magnificent, Vitality Hybrid Line: Stellar, Majestic, Divine & Ease

Mattresses warranty validity


The warranty is valid:

  • For any product defect caused by a manufacturing defect or material failure.

  • Broken springs or wires.

  • Springs or wires that stick out or have torn the mattress fabric.

The warranty is not valid:

  • Any defect in the mattress/topper caused by misuse on behalf of the customer, such as: Burnt, wet, torn, broken or stained (body secretions, etc.) product.

  • Bad use. If it is bent or worn due to bad or abnormal use or due to use on an unsuitable base (bases whose boards have gaps greater than 4cm and high elasticity, or wear due to use in unsuitable anatomical slatted bed frames).

  • For different preferences regarding comfort and firmness (soft, hard, etc.)

  • Wrong dimensions provided by the customer or wrong choice and evaluation of the product

  • Size differences (length or width) smaller than 1,5cm.

  • For signs of mold or moisture that appear after receiving the mattress.

  • When the height of dents or subsidence is less than 4 cm for the matresses.

  • If the dent is found to have resulted from misuse, mishandling or factors unrelated to a product defect.

  • Wear and tear from improper use or storage. Products which have been placed outside or in a humid environment, or non domestic use.

Also, any product found to be in an Excessively Unsanitary Condition, in other words when the product is soiled to such an extent that:

  • The inspector is unable to examine the condition of the product without being exposed to potentially dangerous body fluids, pathogenic blood microorganisms or other substances that could cause significant damage to his health, or

  • It is otherwise inferred that the product has been misused and its wear and tear is not normal, is excluded from the warranty.

Warranty terms and conditions

  • The warranty is valid on the condition that elite strom® care instructions, given in this form, are properly followed and that the products are used only for domestic purposes.
  • The warranty comes into effect as of the original date of purchase of the product.

  • The date of purchase is determined by the date on the purchase receipt. In case that the product you purchased is discontinued, it is at the discretion of elite strom® (authorized manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Sealy® products in Greece) to determine the retail price of a similar product to be used to determine the charge for repair or replacement. For verifying purposes of the purchase date, it is necessary to keep the original purchase receipt which is the only proof of the date of purchase as well as the warranty form. For the warranty to be valid, it is necessary to prove the date of purchase with the demonstration of the relevant receipt. Otherwise, elite strom® is not obliged to provide warranty services.
  • For the warranty to be valid, the product MUST have its label intact.

  • The warranty applies only to the Greek Territory and gives you specific legal rights which may differ in another country and do not affect your statutory rights.

  • It is clarified that the warranty terms and conditions is for your information only and does not constitute any proof of purchase.

Repair or replacement process

If you find out that the product has a manufacturing defect, please contact the store where you made the purchase and keep the original receipt and the warranty form handy. If contact with the store staff is impossible or you have moved to another area, you could contact with elite strom® company, the official manufacturer and distributor of Sealy® mattresses.

The procedure followed:

  • If you make a claim before the end of the Limited Warranty due to a defect covered by this warranty, it is at elite strom®‘s sole discretion to repair or replace the defective product within a reasonable period time, under the appropriate charge if its due to customer’s fault.
  • An appointment with an elite strom® technician will take place to inspect the product. Technicians can only visit areas within the Region of Attica.
  • If the product defect is actually confirmed and covered by the warranty, elite strom® will make sure that the problem will be fixed or repaired or, if necessary, that the defective part will be replaced.
  • In case a product or part of it is discontinued at the time of the service, elite strom® reserves its right to use at its own discretion a product or a material of equal or better quality.
  • elite strom® reserves the right to replace the defective product with another product of equal or greater value and does not guarantee to provide you with the exact same product you had purchased.
  • In case the technician finds that the product is not defective nor is there a manufacturing defect, the visit will be charged.
  • elite strom® reserves the right not to examine or receive a mattress for inspection if it is found to be stained with body fluids.


As long as the product meets the warranty requirements, transportation and repair costs shall be borne by the company. In this case the product should be adequately protected. For regions outside of Attica, the customer has the sole responsibility of transporting the product to elite strom®’s facilities. The company will not recognize damages that occurred during the transportation of the product to and from its facilities.

Mattress adjustment

You need time to get used to your new mattress. So, give your new mattress some time to adjust to your body curves and your sleeping position. A one-month period of adjustment is recommended.

  • Your new mattress will be following and adjusting to the natural curves of your body, thus, providing support to your spine while preserving the neutral spine position. By embracing all the curves of your body, it will offer you a pleasant feeling of relief and relaxation.
  • You should know that dents are a normal phenomenon in new mattresses and are an indication that the matress is adapting to the curves of your body. At the points where maximum pressure is exercised (hips, shoulders), it is considered normal for the materials to slightly sink in. A sinking that does not exceed 4cm is perfectly acceptable and is not considered a flaw.
  • For a correct measurement, place a hard, straight stick on the surface of the mattress and then measure the gap with a ruler or a measuring tape. The measurement should be taken 6 to 8 hours after the last use.
  • It is normal for the first few days of use for your new mattress to be slightly harder than the one you tried in the store. This is because all the materials that make up the structure of your new mattress are new and unused.

How to measure mattress dimensions

Remove the old mattress from the bed and measure the inner dimensions of the bed (length – width) using a meter stick or a measuring tape.

If the mattress goes into the bed more than three centimeters, we recommend subtracting two centimeters in width and two centimeters in length.

In case your mattress is going to be placed on a base, measure the width and length of the base and order the mattress in exactly the same dimensions as the base.

Even the best mattresses become less comfortable over time. Therefore, we suggest that you change your mattress every 10 years.